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15th Anniversary
Limited Edition

Throughout the past 15 years, Michael Chang’s Lightspeed Powerline Filters have continually pushed audio/video standards in the area of AC power delivery.  Building on this extensive research, Chang now introduces the 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Powerline Filter.  This 15th Anniversary Limited Edition incorporates Chang’s newest development: HyperDriveTM technology.  HyperDriveTM technology reduces noise to levels far below any of its predecessors.  Additionally, this newest innovation by Chang improves sound stage, dynamics contrast, inner details, 3-dimensionality, high frequency extension, and video reproduction.  All in all, Chang’s HyperDriveTM technology stretches the performance of the Lightspeed Powerline Filter to an unprecedented level. 

Chang’s new Limited Edition Powerline filter not only provides robust surge protection for system safety, it delivers unsurpassed video and audio performance. 



Maximum Power – 2400 W @ 125 VAC

4 Digital Outlets – Level one filtration (mark III)
4 Amplifier Outlets – Level two filtration (mark III)

4 Analog Outlets – Level three filtration (mark III)
HyperDriveTM technology
Surge Protection Capacity - 560 J / 30,000 A
Maximum Continuous Current - 20 A

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