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The benefits of AC filtration are not exclusive to the audio domain. Indeed, in this age of ever-higher resolution video sources and video displays, AC filtration has become as indispensable to the video enthusiast as to the audiophile.

In video, as in audio, "it all starts with the source." Any improvement made at the source will manifest itself down the reproduction chain. DVD and DBS (digital broadcast satellite) bring a new level of video quality into the home theater. Lightspeed powerline filtration allows these sources to perform their delicate digital-to-analog video conversions unhampered by AC impurities. Video reproduction is more nuanced, detailed and life-like.

Video displays (picture tube, LCD, front and rear projection CRT) have attained unprecedented levels of refinement, and can achieve even greater performance through powerline conditioning. Lightspeed filtration increases the contrast ratio (the video equivalent of dynamic range) of high quality displays, allowing a deeper black saturation, increased shadow detail, and less blooming of bright images. Colors are rendered more vibrantly with greater saturation yet with realistic subtlety. Lightspeed owners have commented on an increased "color palate", finer distinctions of similar hues that produces a greater variety and number of hues displayed. Overall video noise, both chroma and high frequency video noise, are noticeably reduced, revealing finer edge detail and colors with less tendency to bleed or pulse. A Lightspeed filtered display will reveal greater visual depth-of-field and more closely approximate a three-dimensional picture. All of these enhancements combine to produce an image that is usually described as "more film-like." This means less like the pumped-up, over bright/contrasty, cartoonish quality of a mediocre video display and more akin to the subtle, rich, textured and involving picture experienced at first-rate theaters.

And of course, Lightspeed AC powerline filtration units also provide robust voltage/surge clamping to protect your investments made in the pursuit of visual excitement.

Lightspeed and video...because performance should also be seen, and not only heard!

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